Seminar Attendance

June 2016

2nd Interdisciplinary Seminar in Brain and Cognition


Included medical analyses and treatment for brain and neurological diseases and computational methods on neuroscience.

May 2016

Attended in 3rd Workshop in Computational Neuroscience


Included Fortran programming workshop and introduction to neuro-computational methods and 8 scientific talk about new achievements on neurophysics and approaching to brain analyses.

Feb. 2015

Attended in Computational Neuroscience Workshop at Shiraz University


Two days and Included workshops and seminar about Computational method and introduction in neuroscience

Apr. 2014

Second Spring Interdisciplinary School for Nanotechnology Science at Shiraz University


Three days and included workshops and seminar about Nano Science and Nano Technology

Mar. 2013

18th school of physics in Zanjan Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS)


duration of this school was 1 week and included optics and solid states physics labs and different presentation in neuroscience, optics, statistical physics, eco physics etc.

Oct. 2013

Interdisciplinary Conference at Shiraz University of Medical Science


Introduction to medical and scientific theories about brain and its functionalities