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Aug 2022

Comparison of Simultaneously Captured Transport of Intensity and Digital Holographic Microscopy Retrieved Phases

Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging
May 2022

The study of cell death mechanisms via simultaneous Raman and transport of intensity phase-imaging techniques

Biomedical Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Imaging II
Sep 2021

Automated quantification of vomeronasal glomeruli number, size, and color composition after immunofluorescent staining

Chemical Senses
June 2021

Iron-binding cellular profile of transferrin using label-free Raman hyperspectral imaging and singular value decomposition (SVD)

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Feb 2020

Comparative phase imaging of live cells by digital holographic microscopy and transport of intensity equation methods

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Talks and Posters

Nov 2020
University at Albany in U.S.

Talk on "Application of image processing to glomeruli analysis"

PASCAL 2020 Conference "Introduction of how glomeruli can be quantified by python programming".

June 2017
GEFENOL in Palma, Spain

Poster and Talk on "Critical neural networks"

VII GEFENOL Summer School on Statistical Physics of Complex Systems (IFISC) - Link [page 8]

July 2016
Shiraz University-Iran

Poster presentation in Annual Physics Conference of Iran

A poster about “Scale-free neuronal avalanches in the dHAN model” - Link (conference webpage)

August 2014
Heidelberg University-Germany

Talk on "Introduction to complex Systems and its application to the brain”

Talk on neuroscience and statistical physics in 45 minutes - Link [page 47] (conference webpage)