My Projects

Published or Thesis

Glomeruli Quantification
A python project to analyze stacked brain images and find AOB glomeruli to distinguish mutant and control type of animal.

Advancing Live Cell Tracking with YOLOv8 and Python
A pioneering solution for the CTMC-v1 challenge, utilizing the YOLOv8 neural network for real-time tracking of live cell objects in video images, integrating advanced computer vision with Python.

Criticality in dHAN model of the neural network
A numerical simulation for dHAN model of the brain to find the trace of criticality in a top-down neural network.

Foucault Pendulum Numerical Simulation
The goal of this project is to numerically simulate Foucault pendulum motion projection on XY plane with C++ programming.

Free to Use

Python script to control LED in Arduino

This project has been written to show how a Python script can communicate with Arduino and control devices such as LEDs.