Shahab Bahreini Jangjoo

As a current M.Sc. student of Computer Science in the "Applied Computing" program at the esteemed University of Saskatchewan, I am eager to challenge myself with new opportunities that present themselves. My passion for knowledge extends beyond my field of study, and I have found that exploring other disciplines, such as Physics, has broadened my horizons and enhanced my mindset.

I am a driven individual who is constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills. I firmly believe that with the right attitude and determination, nothing is impossible.

Programing Skills:Numerical Skills:
  • Python
  • C++
  • LabVIEW
  • Fortran
  • Newton-Raphson
  • Runge-Kutta
  • Euler
  • Backward Euler
  • Monte Carlo

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Education / Skills


2022 - Up to now
University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

Thesis-Based M.Sc. Computer Science

Applied Computing

2019 in 2021
University At Albany (U.S.)

Course-Based M.Sc. in Physics

Awarded during the Ph.D. study in University at Albany (master out the program)
GPA 3.91 out of 4

2013 - 2016
Shiraz University

Thesis-Based M.Sc. in Physics

Condense Matter (Complex Systems)
GPA 16.35 out of 20

Thesis title: “Neural avalanches, metastability and criticality in a dense homogenous associative network (dHAN) model of neural dynamics: inhibition vs. excitation”

2009 - 2013
Shiraz University

B.Sc. in Physics

GPA 17.05 out of 20 (summa cum)

Work Experience

4th Jan 2016 – 11th Aug 2019

R&D Researcher

Scientific adviser especially in E.M Fields. Troubleshooting products and study new technologies. (Niroutrans webpage)



Financial Support Thesis Winner

Cognitive Science and Technologies Council (COGC)

Award winner financial support of Cognitive Science and Technologies Council (COGC) of Iran for neuroscience thesis

⮨ PublicationsSeminar Attendance ➥

Programming Skills


Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Scikit-Learn, PyQt5 (GUI), Pandas, NumPy, Selenium, API (requests), SQLite3, Tensorflow, OpenCV, Multiprocessing, Cython


Numerical analysis


DifferentialEquations.jl, ThreadX


Design algorithm for conditional control devices such as different kind of sensors, LED etc.


Able to customize and design desired webpages as well as integrating them into famous CMS such as Joomla and WordPress. Live projects:

MicrobioLab Website
NirouTrans Website

Version Controllers

Git, SVN


SQL, SQLite3

Commercial Software Skills


Design GUI and algorithm for numerical applications or control hardware.


Numerical method to solve differential equations

Maxwell ANSYS

Simulate desired EM fields and write automated python script to integrate into ANSYS.

Office Macro

Write macros to make tasks automated or apply specific filters or calculation to data.

OS Skills


Familiar with Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint etc.


Familiar with all generations of Windows operating systems.

Publications and Talks

Google Scholar

Citations 34


Aug 2022

Comparison of Simultaneously Captured Transport of Intensity and Digital Holographic Microscopy Retrieved Phases

Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging
May 2022

The study of cell death mechanisms via simultaneous Raman and transport of intensity phase-imaging techniques

Biomedical Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Imaging II
Sep 2021

Automated quantification of vomeronasal glomeruli number, size, and color composition after immunofluorescent staining

Chemical Senses
June 2021

Iron-binding cellular profile of transferrin using label-free Raman hyperspectral imaging and singular value decomposition (SVD)

Free Radical Biology and Medicine
Feb 2020

Comparative phase imaging of live cells by digital holographic microscopy and transport of intensity equation methods

OSA Publishing

Talks and Posters

Nov 2020
University at Albany in U.S.

Talk on "Application of image processing to glomeruli analysis"

PASCAL 2020 Conference "Introduction of how glomeruli can be quantified by python programming".

June 2017
GEFENOL in Palma, Spain

Poster and Talk on "Critical neural networks"

VII GEFENOL Summer School on Statistical Physics of Complex Systems (IFISC) - Link [page 8]

July 2016
Shiraz University-Iran

Poster presentation in Annual Physics Conference of Iran

A poster about “Scale-free neuronal avalanches in the dHAN model” - Link (conference webpage)

August 2014
Heidelberg University-Germany

Talk on "Introduction to complex Systems and its application to the brain”

Talk on neuroscience and statistical physics in 45 minutes - Link [page 47] (conference webpage)

Seminar Attendance

June 2016

2nd Interdisciplinary Seminar in Brain and Cognition


Included medical analyses and treatment for brain and neurological diseases and computational methods on neuroscience.

May 2016

Attended in 3rd Workshop in Computational Neuroscience


Included Fortran programming workshop and introduction to neuro-computational methods and 8 scientific talk about new achievements on neurophysics and approaching to brain analyses.

Feb. 2015

Attended in Computational Neuroscience Workshop at Shiraz University


Two days and Included workshops and seminar about Computational method and introduction in neuroscience

Apr. 2014

Second Spring Interdisciplinary School for Nanotechnology Science at Shiraz University


Three days and included workshops and seminar about Nano Science and Nano Technology

Mar. 2013

18th school of physics in Zanjan Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS)


duration of this school was 1 week and included optics and solid states physics labs and different presentation in neuroscience, optics, statistical physics, eco physics etc.

Oct. 2013

Interdisciplinary Conference at Shiraz University of Medical Science


Introduction to medical and scientific theories about brain and its functionalities


My Projects

Published or Thesis

Glomeruli Quantification
A python project to analyze stacked brain images and find AOB glomeruli to distinguish mutant and control type of animal.

Advancing Live Cell Tracking with YOLOv8 and Python
A pioneering solution for the CTMC-v1 challenge, utilizing the YOLOv8 neural network for real-time tracking of live cell objects in video images, integrating advanced computer vision with Python.

Criticality in dHAN model of the neural network
A numerical simulation for dHAN model of the brain to find the trace of criticality in a top-down neural network.

Foucault Pendulum Numerical Simulation
The goal of this project is to numerically simulate Foucault pendulum motion projection on XY plane with C++ programming.

Free to Use

Python script to control LED in Arduino

This project has been written to show how a Python script can communicate with Arduino and control devices such as LEDs.


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